Short Film: HVALFANGER, 13min., Norway, Drama

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A young woman returns to her home country of Norway to confront the passing of her estranged uncle only to find he was not the man she knew him to be.

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Director Biography – Nicholas Svoboda

Nicholas Svoboda earned his BFA in 2021 from Oregon State University. He has also studied at the University of Westminster and London Film Academy, earning a Directorial Certificate. His body of work includes, Burden, The Magician, London Street Art, and Anew. His work has been shown at the Canadian Independent Film Festival, the Reykjavík International Film Festival, and both the Toronto and Los Angeles Lift Off Festivals.

Director Statement

I’ve always had an interest in society and history. I feel this fascination spurs from my own family’s history. My family has a lot of roots – I have these books from Sweden and a trunk from when my family came over from Czechia – but I really don’t know that much and finding out about it is like pulling teeth sometimes. Why would someone not want to know where they came from? Why would someone refuse to care but keep the artifacts? Those are the questions that made up Hvalfanger: who are these people?

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