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Student Film: HEAD SPACE, 5min, Drama/Thriller

  MOVIE POSTERHEAD SPACE, 5min, Drama/Thriller
Directed by Emma Huibregtse

A single mother concerned with her son’s inability to cope, sees the tables turn when faced with danger.


Director’s Statement: After numerous scripts of mine were returned by USC faculty members claiming the concepts were “too big” for the scope of our class projects – we had only $1,500 and 5 weeks to make a film from casting to final sound mix! – I knew I had to keep my story simple. In a last minute panic the night before our scripts were due I came up with the concept for Head Space, resorting to the affordable unique location of under the kitchen table as my primary setting.

With my strong interest in cinematography I was inspired by the unique shot compositions and angles offered by a child’s limited perspective in an unusual space. I have no idea how this story came out of me, but I’m glad it did. As my first major production it was an honor to collaborate with our dedicated cast and crew. As a trumpet player music has always played a vital role in my films and the opportunity to work with composer Steve Gaboury to develop the score was incredible. Recording with our live jazz band brought our visuals to an entirely new level. It was a pleasure to work along side such creative professionals. We hope you enjoy the film!



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