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Student Film: NO WOMAN, 3min., Afghanistan, Experimental/Drama

NO WOMAN, 3min., Afghanistan, Experimental/Drama
Directed by Yama Rauf

There is a world beyond our world, when it comes to a decision, there is always a big NO to WOMEN. in this case majority suffers from it but only few women take the risk and fights for it


Habibullah Nikzad (masked man) is a amateur actor.

Noor Jamal: The girl, amateur actor.

Omar Farahmand: Afghan Cinema and theater actor, national award winner film writer and director.

Ghafor Ibram: Producer of the film, studied TV journalsim.

Director’s statement:

No Woman short film is an visual short film, It is quite short but obviously it has alot to say. In Islamic countries, when the time rarely comes to women to choose for themselves what really they want, No matter what, there is always a big no to women. whether it’s about study, choosing life partner, driving, wearing choosy clothes and ect. There is not only men who stands against women but women too. Of course men are the majorities.

Meaning: As long as the film considered as an artistic project by several bloggers and filmmakers, It has almost different meanings for everybody. For me, it’s a path which leads women for their aspirations, dangerous obstacles are always on the way. The signboard is a warning, when you cross it, you will die. At first you see 2 girls, then one, why? that’s because the other one refused to go on and fight for herself, shoulder to shoulder with her companion.

The woman sees a floating masks, which is a sign of hope, a sign that indicates success is possible, somebody did it before, just go on, you can do it as well.

Despite a shot fired, the girl pulls off the mask, then we see it again, but not how it ends, it has different things to say, maybe she was just wishing to rip off the mask and it was like a fantasy or she actually did it, but of course there is always victims in war.

What mask means? normal human beings, they put on vileness mask to pretend to be a bad guy. Once you pull off the mask from the face, he or she will definitely feels shy. Let me give an example for, Like He/She exposed doing rubbery or rape with a mask off, can you imagine how would he/she feels? he/she would loose her moral right away.

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