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Get to know the short film: TWO, 1min, USA, Fashion/Experimental

Playing at the STUDENT Short Film Festival in October 2017

This short film is about the relationship of two girls, shown in an artsy way.

Project Links
  • Tamara Hansen
  • Tamara Hansen
  • Tamara Hansen
  • Brii via MSA Models
    Key Cast
  • Hema via MSA Models
    Key Cast
  • Lance Kaplan
    Director of Photography
  • Diva Lasha
  • Charles Zambrano
    Makeup Artist 1
  • Michelle Waldron
    Makeup Artist 2
  • Sebastian Randerath
  • Chris Davies
  • Yuko Nakao
    Wardrobe Stylist
  • Ryan Wolf
    Assistant Camera
  • Ryan Wolf
    Color Grading

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