Documentary Film Festival. Los Angeles & Toronto


Danielle is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning photographer, director, conservationist and activist whose main focus is storytelling to empower people around the world to solve the most challenging problems. She is also Co-Founder of the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuarysits on the board of Toronto’s Dandelion Initiative, and is a licensed Holistic Practitioner.

After a volunteer trip to India in 2008, Danielle realised the potential of photography to make change after she raised money to build 9 small schools in Dalit villages- the most underserved communities in India- with the help of the photographs she used to connect people to the project. Danielle’s research and experience have led her to believe that without understanding the needs and motivations of people, we can not tackle such problems as climate change and conservation effectively. As a result she has become an avid student and teacher in the world of campaign psychology. She has earned a…

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