Short Film: CHOICE, 5min., USA, Crime/Thriller

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Vincent meets his lawyer Angela in the interrogation room. Angela, a female public defender, wants to know why Vincent killed his pregnant wife but chose to save the infant.

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Director Biography – Wen-Chun (Catherine) Cheng

Wen-Chun Cheng is a screenwriter, director, and editor. She developed and directed her stage play and film in Taiwan and Savannah, GA. Wen-Chun just wrapped her short- The Flute, as writer and director, and she is currently expanding to direct her thesis film for her MFA in Film and Television at Savannah College of Art and Design. She also directed a documentary called “North Pipe,” which wins Best Student Documentary Short. The past summer, she has directed commercials for some care products and music videos for the oil paper umbrella. She also directed four films post-COVID-19. She is set to graduate with her MFA from SCAD the following summer.

Director Statement

The film focuses on the overlooked issue of male victims of domestic violence. One in four women and one in nine men experience severe violence from their intimate partner. This includes stalking and sexual violence. These types of assault can impact the victims in numerous ways — such as physical injury, fearfulness, post-traumatic stress disorder, contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, and the need to seek the use of victim’s services.5 Abused men may face a shortage of resources compared to abused women and a lack of understanding and support from their friends and family. There can also be an increased number of legal obstacles for male victims, especially if they seek to gain custody of their children from an abusive mother.
The majority of people do not think women could pose a real threat to men.6 As female filmmakers, the goal of making Choice is to reveal that there are no gender distinctions in domestic violence. Using film as a language to communicate with all manner of audiences allows filmmakers to present their own viewpoints about societal values and challenge viewers to think about the world around them from new and different perspectives. However, the film is only a method by which to trigger thought on —and discussion of— an issue. Society must have more careful regulations in place which can help people who are suffering. That can prevent Vincent’s story from happening.
It is also crucial for us to learn not to judge others before, learning not to judge others before fully understanding the truth of their lives.

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